Shirley Ng

Community Organizer

Shirley is an active volunteer in Manhattan’s Chinatown. She organizes free weekend events for “21 Pell St.,” is an advocate for the American Legion Lt. KimLau B.R. Post 1291, and serves on the Chinatown YMCA Board. She is a member of the Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA) and has served as National Board Representative for the AAJA-NYC chapter. She has been an on-camera host for Manalapan Township Television Network (MTTN-TV) in New Jersey and a contributor to Asian American News ( In 2018, she spent three weeks in Washington DC to secure congressional co-sponsors of H.R.2358, the Congressional Gold Medal Act for Chinese American WW2 Veterans, which was signed into law by the President. Shirley received her B.A. in Journalism and Political Science from Hunter College.