Press Release

Asian American Access to Democracy in the 2003 Elections in NYC: An Assessment of the New York City Board of Elections Compliance with the Language Assistance Provisions of the Voting Rights Act

The Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund (AALDEF) regularly monitors elections for compliance with the federal Voting Rights Act, specifically Section 203, which requires Chinese- and Korean- language voting assistance, and to document other voting problems. We observed first-hand a number of problems and also received complaints from Asian American voters, interpreters, and poll workers.

This report, “Asian American Access to Democracy in the 2003 Elections in NYC,” reviews our observations about the 2003 Elections in New York City. We monitored forty-two poll sites during the primary election on September 9, 2003 and seventy poll sites in the general election on November 4, 2003. We also surveyed nearly one thousand Asian American voters, in several Asian languages and dialects, during the general election.

To download a copy of AALDEF’s report, please click here.