Hamtramck Review: Lawsuit says city erred on translations

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Hamtramck Review - A Hamtramck woman and a Detroit-based voting rights organization say the city failed to provide accurate Bengali-language translations in the 2020 elections.
With the assistance of New York-based legal organization Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund, and Northville law firm Salvatore, Prescott, Porter and Porter, a lawsuit has been filed in federal court.
The accusations include:
• That Hamtramck failed to provide accurate ballot translations in Bengali.
• That the city has not translated into Bengali any part of the city’s election website.
• That the city failed to recruit, train and assign a “sufficient number of Bengali-speaking poll workers and interpreters to provide effective Bengali-language assistance.”

The lawsuit says the city was notified of these shortcomings in 2020, but failed to take corrective action.
The plaintiffs in the lawsuit are Detroit Action, an organization that “promotes the involvement of black and brown community members in the electoral process,” and a Bengali-American resident, Rahima Begum. . .