Emil Guillermo: On restoring DACA, truth, and illegal Homeland Security chiefs

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If you’re a DACA recipient or want to be one, thank goodness, there are people out there we can rely on for the truth.

Over the weekend, U.S. District Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis in Brooklyn federal court ruled the Trump administration’s restrictions on DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) program were wrongly issued.

The ruling reverses Trump’s slow dismantling of DACA, an Obama-era program, and now new first-time applicants who weren’t previously eligible can apply.

The judge simply said that the restrictions that were imposed by acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf were improper because Wolf wasn’t properly appointed to his position.

The ruling doesn’t kick Wolf out of the job. But it does show a pattern that calls into question his authority, and any policies ‘His Actingness’ puts out. He’s improperly appointed. You don’t just wield power because “Trump says so.”

The truth boils down to this: The Trump administration has a Homeland Security Secretary who is more illegal than any undocumented immigrant presently in the DACA program.

When Wolf in July 2020 limited renewals to one year and not two, as well as closing the program to any new applicants, that was just wrong.

DACA is now open to those who were shut out, or to those who are now age-eligible. DACA has been restored. You can apply now.

That’s one court that went against Trump.

When it comes to the election, there will be many more..

The legal strategy to challenge vote counts in multiple states that Trump legitimately lost is looking less likely to reverse any votes that can turn Trump into a winner.

While Trump hasn’t changed his post-election tune, he has changed his hair color. Prepping for witness protection? It’s no longer a Cheeto-Dorito orange comb-over. Comedians please revise. Ken Jeong dubbed the new color “White Racist.” To me, it looks more like an eagle grey with dark grey-black temple flecks. Slightly more presidential for a lame duck.

He’s still not conceding. Though he did let on in a recent tweet that Biden won, only to contradict himself soon after.

We’re in that period that President Obama likes to call “Truth Decay.”

It’s a new period in our socio-political history where no one fears the cavities in one’s statements or logic because, quite simply, truth does not matter. It’s all truth optional where veritas (truth) counts less than self-belief. And the president has a lot of that ,which is why he lies so freely. Besides, if he lies openly, it’s a form of truth. His truth. No fig leaf required.

In 2020, it’s our present day “doublethink” right out of Orwell’s 1984, where the British author wrote:

“To know and not to know, to be conscious of complete truthfulness while telling carefully constructed lies, to hold simultaneously two opinions which cancelled out, knowing them to be contradictory and believing in both of them, to use logic against logic, to repudiate morality while laying claim to it…”

It’s a kind of self-serving PR mindset that you know when you hear it. Like when White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany dodges a question on the Fox Business channel and implies that Trump is preparing for his inaugural come January. It’s one thing coming from McEnany; it’s another when Secretary of State Mike Pompeo speaks to the world and talks of a Trump second term. What? In prison?

These are the lies the administration tells daily.

It’s a part of discourse today. Don’t get lost in the b.s., or things will slip through in plain sight.

In the next 70 days, expect lots of scores settled by this sort of Trumpian whim.

Just this week, there are reports of Trump withdrawing our troops from war zones in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Somalia, without considering national security compromises. Another report shows Trump’s attempt to allow oil companies to drill off the pristine coast of Alaska. And what of the environment? What’s that? Clearly, Trump is looking to exit with a bang. The Times reports he was considering last Thursday his options to strike Iran. This is what we can expect as we wait for the administration’s expiration date. A hodgepodge of a Trump presidential bucket list where he squeezes every last drop of power while he still has the keys to the store.

He’ll ask if he can. His sycophants will tell him how. Instead, they should take all their vacation in the next 70 days or so.

Just because Trump can do something doesn’t mean he should. Not on the way out.

Fortunately, we still have courts that will stand up for the truth and check signs of illegitimate power.

Without that, Trump almost got away with dismembering DACA.

It’s still there for you now. If you qualify, apply now.

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