Press Release

AALDEF Provides Representation to Communities Impacted by the FBI’s “October Plan”


New York, NY—On September 17, 2004, CBS News reported that the FBI was planning to conduct rounds of interrogations, surveillance and possible detentions to deter possible disruptions around the Presidential elections. The FBI agents will be aggressively conducting surveillance of persons identified as terrorist sympathizers, but who have not committed any crime. Individuals and their family members may be called in for questioning. Mosques will be visited and members will be asked whether they have observed suspicious behavior. The so-called “October Plan” is scheduled to go into effect the first week of October and continue through the elections, according to CBS News.

The Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund (AALDEF) is offering free legal advice and representation to concerned individuals approached by the FBI. AALDEF attorneys have represented persons caught up in previous rounds of the government’s surveillance and questioning initiated by the FBI and NYPD Terrorism Task Force.

For assistance, please contact AALDEF at:

Individuals seeking legal assistance may also call to set up private, confidential meetings with AALDEF attorneys. All information will be kept confidential and in the custody of attorneys.