“Workers Say Racism’s On Daniel Menu”


New York Daily News, December 10, 2006

“Eating at Daniel, the celebrity-filled four-star French restaurant on the upper East Side, will cost you a pretty penny.

It is, after all, an elegant and sophisticated place, and its owner, Daniel Boulud, is an award-winning chef who has become as famous as his customers.

Apparently, Boulud also can be a foul-mouthed tyrant who often loudly berates his minority employees with streams of obscenities. At least, that’s what seven Daniel’s workers allege in a lawsuit filed last Tuesday in Manhattan Federal Court.

The Latino and Bangladeshi busboys and runners accuse Boulud and the restaurant’s managers of racial discrimination and harassment…”

“…The seven complaining workers, all members of ROC-NY, are represented by the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund and Main Street Legal Services of the CUNY School of Law.”

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