Paper: 'A Community Project' for AAPI Heritage Month

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Paper - In the past year, since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s been a rise in violence against Asians. But more people have been coming together to help #StopAAPIHate and protect Asian lives. And now with the celebration of AAPI Heritage Month, more platforms are providing opportunities to support the community in a meaningful way. This includes “A Community Project.”

A Community Project is a fundraiser in partnership with over 70 Asian-identifying artists, brands and businesses that donated special items — an authentic Korean meal by the famous Ajumma of Jun Won Restaurant, a Mission Chinese Food gift card, seats to a performance by AAPI artists, a signed G.I. Joe action figure, art, apparel, and more. All the items will be raffled off, with proceeds going to The Asian American Legal Defense & Education Fund.

​The long list of donors includes Chella Man, Audrey Nuna, Mission Chinese Food, Sari-Sari Studio, Sundae School, MSCHF House Seoul, Nom Wah tea parlor, and other recognizable names within the AAPI community. . .