What equality looks like: scenes from some historic Asian American weddings during San Francisco Pride


Sandra Hernandez and Mailee Wang finally got their June wedding–to each other.

San Francisco got the jump on history, opening its City Hall for business over the weekend with the Supreme Court ruling on Prop 8 having cleared the way for same-sex marriage in California.

On Saturday, nearly 250 marriages were granted, and 188 were performed. But before the parade on Sunday, there was one last challenge by the Republican party and Prop 8’s Protect Marriage sponsors to stop them all.

When Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy refused to vacate the ruling, the Sunday weddings were allowed to continue.

It allowed Hernandez and Wang to go forward with the ceremony they had long been waiting for.

For Hernandez and Wang, it was all about being “official,” and taking advantage of an opportunity that could easily be blocked by yet another challenge. As they held their 16-month-old Zoila, they said that despite having had a commitment ceremony, they wanted the real thing. When they heard about the Supreme Court’s ruling earlier in the week, they didn’t hesitate to come down to City Hall during the Pride Celebration for what became a tearful ceremony.

It was legal, and fully recognized by the federal government.

It was more than wedded bliss. It was true equality, at long last.

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