Emil Guillermo: Pro-Democracy movement needed–in America

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After one memorable visit, I unabashedly love Hong Kong and still keep a watch on what’s happening there. But the story there is often overshadowed by the dual viruses affecting our world, Covid and Trump.

If you’ve wondered about the conservative response to the recent arrests of Hong Kong pro-democracy advocates like Jimmy Lai or Sixtus Leung, rest assured even the Wall Street Journal has suggested we “issue them all visas and green cards.”

Good to know conservatives still know what democracy means. Maybe the pro-democracy advocates in Hong Kong can come here and teach us something about what supposedly was birthed right here.

Because our country as a model for the world is faltering.

We need a pro-democracy movement right now more than ever—in America.

It would be just what’s needed to stop the con democracy movement of Donald Trump.

Surely, we were relieved that the Supreme Court threw out that bogus Texas lawsuit challenging the November presidential election. Even I, who have had numerous law school roommates, know by osmosis the importance of “standing” on the right to sue. Texas suing Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Georgia on how they conduct their elections? Puh-leezzzzz.

Even the three Trump-appointed SCOTUS justices couldn’t go along with it.

It wasn’t a matter of courage, as Trump tweeted. It has to do with the rule of law and the Constitution.

So, yes, the Trump presidency is over. But not the Trump tantrum.

There are still some hands to play out, and it could get uglier for democracy.

On Monday, Dec. 14, the presidential electors from every state will vote for the winner of their state’s electoral college votes. They will then certify the winner, former Vice President Joe Biden and his running mate, Kamala Harris, based on their overwhelming electoral and popular vote counts.

The certificates will then be sent to Congress on Jan. 6 and accepted. Or not.

Then the debate will begin in earnest. If anyone really has the stomach for it.

Donald Trump does. A full debate is the only way he can possibly expect to stay in office.

But he’d have to have everyone on record that they want to disenfranchise Americans and steal the election for Trump. Just like him.

In doing so, the members of Congress would have to deny the votes of the people and the Constitution and go on record that they are what I call “The Anti-Democracy Americans.”

Or if you’re feeling acronyminous—TADA.

And if enough of them do that, we will no longer be the model of the free world.

It’s really a no-win situation.

Nearly two-thirds of House Republicans–126 GOP lawmakers–signed on to that Texas lawsuit. Will a majority of them vote now to steal an election? Are they willing essentially to denounce the Constitution to see Trump remain in office?

Going on the record to enable election theft is all or nothing.

To the 126 GOP members of Congress: You are now exposed. You are on record supporting Trump’s bid to form an autocratic America. Trump goes back to Mar-Lago a loser. But you have to face your constituents after revealing you have no problem stealing an election, because just like Trump, you have no fundamental belief in our Constitution or democracy.

By your support of Trump, you are one of The Anti-Democracy Americans.

That’s the Congress. But even the 18 attorneys general have a problem.

Utah attorney general Sean Reyes, a leading Filipino American supporter of the Trump charade, has a problem.

Is there any question now that he should resign?

By his actions, Reyes is unfit to protect the laws of the land, let alone his own state. He has taken a definitive stand against the Constitution of the United States.

He advocated disenfranchising people in other states (Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia) in order to overturn the will of the people and installed Donald Trump, a fake president. .

Forget about party.

To any lover of democracy, this is a blasphemous disgrace.

We know why Ken Paxton, the Texas attorney general. did Trump’s bidding by filing a bogus lawsuit challenging the election. Paxton, who is facing felony securities fraud charges, was likely looking for a pardon from Trump. What of Reyes and the other 16 states attorneys general? Were they looking for future favors from the King of the GOP?

They all should resign.

The Supreme Court saved Reyes and his ilk by refusing to hear the case.

But what happens as Reyes and the others face their constituents? As they say, you can’t have it both ways. You can’t attempt to do something that flies in the face of the Constitution, then come back and tell your constituents you are there to serve and protect their rights.

Only an America that doesn’t pay attention or doesn’t care could allow Reyes and the others to continue.

The ire of all true patriots should be high. Your blood should be boiling red, white and blue.

Now more than ever, America needs its own pro-democracy movement.

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