Court victories bring out massive crowd of Asian Americans at San Francisco Pride


It was like an early Independence Day celebration.

Pride parades took place in New York, Houston, and San Francisco over the weekend. As a straight male, I witnessed the scene in all three cities in the past. (I remember going to the Farm House in Houston in 1975!) As a journalist in San Francisco, I covered the parade in the Castro district in the 80s. Having grown up in the neighborhood, I’ve witnessed the amazing evolution of Pride–now it practically engulfs the city and its Civic Center. (And Leather Alley/the Fetish Zone are on the same street as Hastings College of the Law.)

Of course, Asian Americans were a part of the celebration.

South Asians were well represented.

Ralph Bolano, a Filipino American immigrant, said this Pride was special because of the Supreme Court’s rulings on Prop 8 and DOMA earlier in the week.

One Asian American man draped himself in the flag as he walked by me with his partner.


Coming: Two wedding celebrations.

And a personal story.

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