RAISE: Revolutionizing Asian American Immigrant Stories on the East Coast

RAISE (Revolutionizing Asian American Immigrant Stories on the East Coast) is a pan-Asian undocumented youth-led group on the East Coast. We aim to create safe spaces in our communities while advocating for humane immigration policies. Through political activism, leadership development, community education, and coalition building, we work to reclaim our dignity as pan-Asian undocumented peoples. RAISE organizes on the grassroots level to reimagine justice and demand liberation for immigrants in America.

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About RAISE: Because every one of us has a story to tell...

"I can't get a job. I can't start a career."

"I can't totally relax. I have to be careful of what to say, and what not to say."

"I can't have my parents by my side."

"I can't sleep at night, because I'm worried about immigration agents breaking down my door."

Why We Rise is a compelling new documentary short featuring three brave young Asian New Yorkers who reveal what it's like to grow up without having legal immigration status. Their struggles and their strength are on full display as they come out of the shadows and into the light.


Why We Rise was filmed by Brian Redondo (be.net/brianredondo) and Corinne Manabat (corinnemanabat.com) with the support of the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund. 

Why We Rise premiered May 20, 2013 in front of a packed audience at #UndocuAsians, a theater performance by RAISE at The Culture Project.

Join these RAISE members in their fight for change at raisenyc.tumblr.com.


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We want to meet fellow Asian American undocumented youth interested in creating this space. Contact RAISE members at info@aaldef.org to join the movement.

If you are a member of the press and interested in finding out more about RAISE and talking to our members, please contact raise@aaldef.org.

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